Due to Covid-19, all church services will be hosted digitally, except liturgies which require registration prior to attending.
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Welcome to Holy Cross Coptic Orthodox Church.  The Cross is the most clear and recognizable symbol of Christianity and Jesus Christ that exists. Our goal in the formation of this faith community is that it will be a place where all those who enter will encounter Christ, and it is through His suffering and His sacrifice on the Cross, and through the power of the Cross that we can truly do so.  

Mission Statement

1. Our Church is a Coptic Orthodox Church in its faith, doctrine, liturgical traditions, and teachings. It is under the direct leadership of the Pope of Alexandria - His Holiness Pope Tawadros II and the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church.

2. Our orthodox church focuses on worshiping and glorifying God through our ancient apostolic faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and making the faith accessible in a contemporary culture context.

3. We strive to shine with God's glorious light in unity and love, through ministries of education, outreach and community service.

4. We provide a welcoming community for people of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds who are seeking a deeper relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ.