Donate your Service

Our Creator calls all of us without exception to be active and committed in the ministry. Our Lord reminds us that “the harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few” (Matt 9:37). It is out of His love and compassion that He
allows us to participate in the labor of the harvest. Therefore, He entrusts all of us his children with gifts (Matt 25:14-30), for which an account will be required.  It is important to use these gifts in service to glorify His Holy Name.  The purpose of this fair is to highlight the various services at Holy Cross and allow each of our members to take the blessing of being part of one or more of these service as we are all One Body in Christ (Romans 12).
Below are the services, a small description and the main contact coordinators*.

* Note: These coordinators are the main contact person(s) for each of these overarching service committees. However, some of these committees have many various services under them and every service has its own sub-
coordinator(s) whom the main coordinators can refer to accordingly.