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Video Gallery

Coptic Liturgy

Fr. Marcos Ghali (Nov 14 2014) Sermon on the Purpose of the Liturgy

Fr David Milad (Oct 11 2014) Learning Liturgy Part 4

Pentecost Procession During Liturgy 26Apr2014 - Procession during divine liturgy 

Fr David Milad (29Mar2014) - Learning Liturgy Part 3 - Liturgy of the Believers

Fr David Milad (15Mar2014) - Learning Liturgy Part 2 - Liturgy of the Word

Sermons from our Clergy

His Grace Bishop Karas 2May2015 Hope (Part 1 and Part 2)

Fr Mark Ibrahim (Oct 4 2014) - Love the Lord by Serving Others

Fr Maximus Habib (27Sept2014) - Feast of the Cross

Fr David Milad (20 Sept 2014) - Kingdom divided against itself will not stand  

Fr James Mikhail (7 Sept 2014) - Preparing for the last days

Fr Youhanna Elzahaby 31July2014 - How God Reaches you

Fr David Milad (7June2014) - Feast of Pentecost - 

Fr Mark Ibrahim (24May2014)- Pentecost - I am the way

Fr James Mikhail (17Mar2014) - Pentecost - I am the light of the world

Fr David Milad (10May2014) - Pentecost - Samaritan women achieving our goal in Christian life

Fr Mark Ibrahim (26April2014) - Pentecost Sermon - keeping the Spirit of the Resurrection 

Fr Mark Ibrahim (5April 2014) - Sixth Sunday of Lent - Man Born Blind

Fr David Milad (29Mar2014) - Fifth Sunday of Lent -The Paralytic Man "Take Your Bed and Walk"

Fr Mark Ibrahim (22Mar2014) - Fourth Sunday of Lent - Samaritan Woman Changing your Life
Fr David Milad (15Mar2014) - Third Sunday of Lent - Prodigal Son Forgiveness

Fr James Mikhail (8Mar2014) - Second Sunday of Lent - Handling Temptation

Fr John Paul Abdelsayed (1Mar2014) - First Sunday of Lent - Don't worry

Fr John Paul Abdelsayed (28Feb2014) - Icon of the Dormition of St Mary

Fr John Paul Abdelsayed (28Feb2014) - Comparison of creation in Genesis and Gospel of John

Fr Maximus Habib (15Feb2014) - Heart and Mind - Who is the son of man?

Fr David Milad (1Feb2014) - Holy Communion - binding contract

Fr Mark Ibrahim (25Jan2014) - Inaugural Divine Liturgy for Holy Cross Coptic Orthodox Church 

Discussion of Holy Cross Coptic Orthodox Church