Our History

Our Beginnings

Holy Cross started as a small community dedicated to the growth of the faith in the South Eastern part of Michigan.  The goal of this community has always been to establish an English service according to the Coptic Orthodox rites.  The birthday of our community is January 25, 2014, when we celebrated our first Divine liturgy at St. Andrew's House in Detroit which was a temporary home for us

Naming Our Church

Naming a church is a challenge, as names carry great importance in our society and in our lives. The name, Holy Cross Coptic Orthodox Church, was the result of much thought, contemplation, and prayer as to what would summarize the hopes and intentions of this community. Once selected, the name was submitted to and approved by His Holiness Pope Tawadros II in the request for this church.


The Cross is the most clear and recognizable symbol of Christianity and Jesus Christ that exists. Our goal in the formation of this faith community is that it will be a place where all those who enter will encounter Christ, and it is through His suffering and His sacrifice on the Cross, and through the power of the Cross that we can truly do so.


St. John Chrysostom testified to the power of the Cross when he said, “The thief did not believe when witnessing the raising of the dead by Christ, nor the calming of the waves or the casting of demons. Rather, he believed while seeing Him nailed on the Cross, as He accepted upon Himself insults, spitting, mockery, and suffering.”


Jesus invites all of us to come to Him on the Cross. His arms outstretched, He beckons all people to repent, to follow Him, and to embrace Him: the crucified, risen, Lord. The Cross is the symbol of the triumph of good over evil. By His sufferings on the Cross, our Lord Jesus Christ washed away the sins of all people, conquered the Devil, abolished death, and opened the way to eternal life for us all. The Cross bears witness to God’s infinite love for all people.

Permanent Home

On April 1st 2015, we purchased our permanent home which we currently pray in.  Previously it was St. Claire's of Assist Roman Catholic Church.

Our Priest

On February 16th 2017, His Holiness Pope Tawadros III ordained our first priest by the name Fr. Raphael.  This was at St. Bishoy's Monestary in Scetis, Egypt.